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10th. September 2022 14:30

Tage-Hansens Gade 2, 9a

Cesie 14:30



CESIE is an upcoming danish/british singer-songwriter, dedicated to writing melodic tales with direct references to her own personal life. Her clarified voice and the lyrical themes explore an honest and raw perspective on simple existence.

As a child CESIE grew up in Birmingham (UK) absorbing the british music scene and she adapted the local essence of being Brit. Letting poetry reflect in her repetoire of melodies, she has found her own significant sound and expression, to be witnessed at first hand.

Together with the band she secures a sonic performance triggering the 60’s bright guitar sound, grunge vulnerability and resembles more recent artists such as Mazzy Star, Feist and PJ Harvey.

In 2018 CESIE received a Talent Grant from Mads Langer, in collaboration with Engelsholm Castle, to support her music career. Mads Langer quoted "CESIE has a direct connection to my emotional register. I hope she can touch you too."

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